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Dear brothers and sisters

Firstly let’s thanks to Allah SWT who has given us mercies and blessing so that we can gather in this place in good condition. Secondly our salutation sholawat and salam always be upon the prophet muhammad SAW, who has guided us from the darknees to the lightnees, namely islamic religion as we feel today.

I express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart to the master of ceremony for giving me valuable chance  so that I can speak in front of audiences. I take this great opportunity to deliver my speech under the title of:
Dear brothers and sisters, Ladies And Gentleman

Nusantara Indonesia has a special case. Not only the largest Muslim-majority country in the world, but it also has the world’s largest and most broadly based tradition of democratic Islam.
As a Muslim majority country, Nusantara Indonesia is considered to become a center of Islamic awakening in the world. Indonesia has a peace condition, no war, and strong human resources. We can see that in the action of 212, in the action of 313, and in the action of 505. How peace Islam is in Our Nusantara.

The former Minister of Cooperatives and Small Medium Enterprises, Adi Sasono said :
"Indonesia has 50 percent productive population. In 2020, the figure will reach 70 percent. It will bring Indonesia as a great country"

Dear brothers and sisters, Ladies And Gentleman

At the time, Nusantara Indonesia will have many leaders who can uphold justice. Muslims in Indonesia also need to pay attention to eastern culture, including the faith, the doctrine and the education.
Indonesian Muslims cover 35 percent of Southeast Asian population. It will not only have an impact on economy, but also a culture for Muslims civilization.

Dear brothers and sisters, Ladies And Gentleman

As much as Asian Muslims have always differed in their religious practice from their Middle Eastern brothers and sisters, they have differed almost as much among themselves. When speaking of Asian Islam, it is helpful to distinguish between two primary Asian civilizational streams: a Central and South Asian tradition, on one hand, and a Southeast Asian tradition, on the other. Each of these has its own variants, but one can draw a broad South-Southeast Asian contrast.
Malaysian opposition leader, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim considered that Indonesia would have more role as it has good culture and environment. Indonesia requires a synergy among scholars and political minds to maintain its people. "Indonesia is still able to carry out freedom of speak. The democratic system is still good," Ibrahim said.

Dear brothers and sisters, Ladies And Gentleman

Nowdays Islam is always accused as terrorism, radical and cruel, so then appear Islamophobia issue, we saw that West media often attacked Islam. We hopes that Muslims in the world, especially in Indonesia, can deal with it. 
We believes Indonesia can face it as long as there are political actions and willingness of young group to make a better Islamic governance.

Dear brothers and sisters, Ladies And Gentleman

The rise of Islamic is closely related to Islam’s political future, we will probably continue to see a cautious and generally  development of Muslim Culture. However, Islamic culture in this Nusantara has become more normative and somewhat more alike. But we disagree on just what is required to be a good Muslim, we shoul expect Islam will have ability to handle all problems in Nusantara Indonesia.
In short, a Culture of Islam is emerging, and its first land of accomplishment not to be the Arab heartland, but Muslim Southeast Asia. If this happens, the achievement will be good news for the entire Muslim world. So that Islam will rise from here to the world.
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