1.    Anis    : ............................ ?
Sandi    : Yes, it is a must.
a.    Are the building of reclamation abolished?
b.    Is the building of reclamation abolished?
c.    Was the building of reclamation abolished?
d.    Were the building of reclamation abolished?
e.    Are the building of reclamation being abolished?
2.    Anis    : Do you think we will win this Governor
Sandi    : I’m sure we will.
The underlined expression above is ...
a. asking for help    b. asking for permission        c. asking for opinion
c. asking someone to do something.            e. responding opinion.
3.    Anis    : ........................ about Jakartan people in
                giving their votes?
Sandi    : I think they are giving their vote based
                on their wish without any pressures.
a. Do you think        b. What is your opinion        c. Is your idea        d. Can you give    e. Is it true
4.    Amalia    : How do you feel about having lecture in
                 in this campus?
Hamdi    : I think we get what we want. All
lecturers have served us well.
The underlined expression is ...
A.    asking for opinion
B.    agreeing something
C.    giving symphaty
D.    giving condolence
E.    giving opinion
5.    Man    : Hi, I’m Johan.
Woman    : Hi, Johan. I’m Martha. Nice to meet you.
Man    : Nice to meet you too.
The dialog above is about ...
a. Johan and Martha    b. Introducing each other    c. Chatting  
d. Gossipping        e. Talking something to someone
6.    The birds ... are being sold in the market are lovebirds.
a. who            b. Whose        c. Whom        d. Which        e. when
7.    The man ... I talked about yesterday is my uncle.
a. which    b. Whose        c. Where        d. Whom        e. when
8.    The girl ... is standing in front of the carismy
a. who        b. Which        c. Whose        d. Why            e.where
9.    The man ... car is being repaired is my older
a.    a. who        b. Which        c. Whose        d. Why            e.where
10.    The combination of the following clauses is true.
A.    The house is very old
B.    My parents live in there
A.    The house where my parents live in is very old
B.    The house which my parents live in is very old
C.    The house in which my parents live is very old.
D.    The house that my parents live in is very old.
E.    The house whom my parents live in is very old.

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