Management of Islamic Education

Management of Islamic education is a process management in Islamic institutions of Islam in a way get around the learning resources and other matters related to achieving objectives of Islamic education effectively and efficiently.
This meaning has further implications that are interrelated and form a single unified management system of Islamic education. Explaining following:

First, the process management in Islamic institution of Islamic education. This aspect requires the availability of charges Islamic values ​​in the process of managing institutions of Islamic education.

Second, against the Islamic education of institutions. This indicates that the object of management is specifically geared to handle the Islamic educational institutions with all the uniqueness. Thus, this management can describe ways of managing schools, madrasas, Islamic universities, etc...

Third, the process management in Islamic institutions of Islamic education requires the availability of inclusive and exclusive nature. Phrase is Islamic inclusive attitude, which means the rules used for the management of managerial education in addition to Islamic education as long as there is compliance mission. And conversely, the rules of management education can also be used in managing Islamic education in accordance with Islamic values, and cultural realities faced by Islamic institutions. Meanwhile, the phrase indicates the state Islamic educational institutions exclusively for being the direct object of this study, only focused on the institutions of Islamic education. Meanwhile, other educational institutions have been discussed in detail in management books.

Fourth, the purpose of Islamic education. This is the direction of all activities of the management of educational institutions so that the goal of Islam is very affecting other components, and even control it.

Fifth, effective and efficient. That is managed effectively and efficiently. That is, management that successfully achieve the goal by saving energy, time, and cost. Effective and efficient is an explanation of the previous components but it also contains the meaning perfected in the process of achieving the objectives of Islamic education.
1.      What is the title of the text?
2.      What is management of Islamic education based on the text?
3.      What is the first management system is Islamic education?
4.      What meant by “effective and efficient” in sixth paragraph?
5.      Please write down a conclusion of the text in a sentence!
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