3.    A small island in Java that has a bridge connecting to Surabaya
7.    A body part that uses for holding and touching
8.    A body part that use for eating and talking
9.    A Transportation with four wheels
10.    A body part that uses for seeing.
12.    A friend of Muhammad that became kholifah after Abu Bakar is...
17.    A prophet that has miracel of medicine
18.    A worship that is done five time times day and night
19.    The biggest scientific miracle of prophet Muhammad is .........
20.    The biggest planet that shines a world at noon is ........
22.    A prophet that has historical relation with Water Zamzam and nearly become a dedication by His father
23.    A Friend of Prophet Muhammad that accompanied him a cave of Hero' when qurays looked after them.
25.    Someone who teaches in the classroom
26.    A body part that uses for walking and kicking ball
28.    An animal of Indonesia that is the most popular in the world in will be one of seven worders
29.    A prophet that can talk with animals and genie
30.    An Active mountain in East Java that give out a hot lava in 2011
31.    A holy building in Makah that would be destroyed by king Abrahah and his elephant army
32.    Someone who studies in the classroom
33.    City of Al-Munawwaroh
34.    A wife of my father


1.    The book of Tafsir that was written by two jalaluddin
2.    A husband of My mother
4.    An Electronical for typing and saving data
5.    A Man that leads a country or nation is called.....
6.    A month with a thousand of barokah
11.    A Prophet that has miracle of a big snake
13.    A woman that become symbol for woman emancipation in Indonesia
14.    A thing that puts on head when sleeping
15.    Muslim calender
16.    A muslim football payer from france that now plays for Real Madrid is .....
21.    The nickname of nine Muslim Scholars that have struggled Islam in Java Island
24.    A studying place for students
27.    A Place for Jum'at Prayer
29.    One of Wali Songo that was buried in Surabaya

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