Mempelajari Of dalam bahasa Inggris

A. Fungsi of

1.    Membalik classifier
    e.g. the independence declaration signing place
    - the place of independence declaration signing
    - the place of signing of declaration independence
    - the place of signing of independence of declaration
2.    Menyifati classifier
    e.g. field soil cultivation system
    - cultivation system of infertile field soil
    - modern cultivation system of field soil
3.    Membalik kepemilikan
    e.g. my some teachers
    - teachers of mine
    e.g. the grand father’s house
    - the house of grand father

B. Macam-macam of

1.    of material
    e.g. the table is made of wood
2.    of partition ( didahului oleh quantity)
    e.g. some of the boy
3.    of apposition
    e.g. the city of new work
4.    of possession
    e.g. the son of lady
    e.g the book of Ahmad
5.    of quantity
    of the two boys, Tono is the taller
6.    of characterized
    e.g. Muhammad is man of love
    e.g. Madinah is city of bless
7.    of existence
    e.g. I think of her / I think about her
8.    of cause and effect
    e.g. he dead of disease
9.    of belonging ( be + of + noun)
    e.g. I am of book (saya punya buku)
        e.g. she is of many friends (dia punya banyak teman)

C. Factor-faktor penyebab hadirnya of apposition

1.    epithet
    eg. System of clean government
2.    possessive proper noun
    e.g. solution of Rian’s problem
    Notes :
    Yang bisa menjadin possessive proper noun ada 4
    a. benda yang berjiwa (pakai apostrophe s )
    b. bagian hari  (boleh pakai apostrophe s atau tidak)
    c. Organisasi  (boleh pakai apostrophe s atau tidak)
    d. Wilayah  (boleh pakai apostrophe s atau tidak)
3.    parallel
    e.g. some problems of behavior, character, and attitude
4.    adjective clause
    e.g. the door of house where they live together
    e.g. the friend of Andy who has a lot of money
5.    prepositional phrase
    the solution of problem in the youth’s lives
6.    plural
    the solutions of problems
7.    possessive adjective
    the inference of her character
8.    gerund phrase
    the government target of saving energy

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