The concept of integration of three components, Solutions of Students moral decadence

       Observing the moral decadence of late learners really sad. Moral decadence in the era of globalization as it is now very multidimensional. Kemerosantanya has reached its nadir, until there is no limitation (unlimited) space and time.
Now, the behavior demoralisai students not only become a public showcase, but also a livelihood. As do vocational students in Surabaya, which is brokering prostitution and has digelutinya since junior high. And mirisnya, who becomes the object of surgery is the younger class. So that this case be a chain that was never interrupted or not berujung.Hanya diiming lure $ 400 thousand each time serving a philanderer male, female minors were willing to give up his body to touched (Java Pos/12 / Maret/2008).

Seeing the students who cause loss of virginity is so easy and varied, indicating virginity has become something rare and expensive. Free sex (free sexs) who once considered taboo and forbidden now it signified a vulgar and permissive. Virginity is said to be something sacred and profane "as a sign of holiness and glory of a woman, now with the easy sale and commercialized. Like flowers, let smoked honey by all types of beetles street bitch. Only by a matter of dollars, are carved kesucianya valuables. Tragically, it is mostly done by high school students to college students, where the organic intellectual entity become the foundation of the nation in the future. If morality is hope the nation is in pools of filth, then to whom the fate of this nation will expect?

Boming loss of virginity students it shall become a serious threat to the parents (family), education (schools), community (neighborhood). No bias denied, because the three elements has a major contribution to the rescue of a student of virginity. What happened during this, the third element is less attention to aspects of the sanctity of students. Moreover, the schools, so far it appears to be merely the aspect of cognitive paserta students, regardless of morality and social conditions of students. Therefore, educators tend to let students dredged jargon morality by hedonism and materialism of globalization.

See, when the boom times by phone (HP), lifestyle (life style) and western-style consumer culture school would be permissive. At school, students are allowed to bring a variety of HP. In fact, learning from a variety of cases, at least HP is often raises problems, of HP dysfunction that is often used to record the action nasty fellow student, cheating to cause envy on the theme. The desire is to make students perform immoral acts in order to have it, as an example the case of Sofia (Java Pos/12/Maret/2008). Recently, also the City (city government) in East Java will add 36 new hotspot, which is planned five places will be placed in the school. Actually, this needs to be examined more deeply, because, so far according to the study, the majority of students who visited more internet porn sites from opening on educational websites and other segments. More Afdhal, in fact other than increase the hotspot area of ​​city government should have to block porn sites that can damage the morale of students.

More powerful than just HP and the impact of abuse porn sites, western acculturation happens in the world of students have also contributed countless moral decadence. From lifestyle, until the characteristics of westernized culture of Indonesia opposed to the valuable. As the phenomenon of child rocker, child slang, punk kids and so forth. The attributes of western culture of permissiveness are brought into schools by students and exploratory freely without regard to ethics and aesthetics Islamic. So do not be surprised if you see a performance of students who did not reflect its status as a student, it even comes with an untidy performance, no clear jluntrungnya, not only that, they also hobby brawl as well.

Culture is then called the destruction of culture or to borrow a phrase Ali westruckness (destruction of the intellectual community.) Westruckness for female students, which is displayed by wearing tight clothing (sexy) costumes uniforms super mini, which is intended to invite lust for the opposite sex. This is caused because of the trend (trend) and fashion fashion (pakian) that is booming in the market. Other phenomena, learners now prefer to go to the cinema of the library and also make a study club.

Three Elements of Integration Efforts to save virginity menproteksi students and students from the west that tend desdruktif acculturation, the only way is to integrate the three components, ie school, family and environment. For, if without the integration of three components above, the students will be vulnerable terinfiltrasi by external inclination desdruktif. But the bottom line, all three components should be completely sterile from the inclination of the glamorous, west lifestyle, hedonism, and capitalism. No other, all three components should be in conformity with Islamic values ​​are noble.

Looking for schools with a curriculum format integral ideal (aqliyah, jismiyah and Ruhiyah) is now not difficult. In the year 2008 has been a lot of schools that use this concept in terms of integrated schools or integral. School with a curriculum designed seislami lingkunganya integralistic should probably, like the obligatory Muslim dress, no smoking, and also diimplementasikanya Islamic values. In addition, the school campus is a manifestation of alamiyah, Ilmiyah and Islamiyah.

     Not only that, in terms of integration, the school should invite the parents to participate and think about their students. Do not be one hundred percent of parents give guidance and moral education just to the school. At home, parents are obliged to educate. As in the association, do not let parents let their children participate freely Especially hanging out with the opposite sex. Therefore, lack of child selektifan sort of friends and then left alone to make children do as they wish. In this case, parents are not protective even membiarkanya. Parents like it if his daughter in-sambangi (dating), his house and usually the parents will membiarkanya. Though free sexs teen behavior is usually done at home. Thus, parents must often had their children if they indicated a negative warning do things that are not desired.
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