The development of technology and information quite rapidly in the last decade led to a shift work system and process of knowledge transfer from the previously used conventional systems become computerized one. Now, Internet technology is not as expensive as ten years ago in which to be able to use the internet facility at the time, the cost is not small. With the Internet, very easy for us to be able to find various kinds of information and knowledge required. Just by typing in keywords related to the site search engine which is, in the blink of an eye all the information we need directly seen displayed on the screen. What I've described above is one of the positive impact of using the Internet. The problem now is actually a lot of internet users especially those from emerging countries such as Indonesia to use the internet for things that are negative. Easy access to pornographic content along with violent content cause Internet users who are generally still in the student category for primary and junior high schools became addicted. They bear to sit for hours in front of the monitor screen while glaring at treat-worthy treats should be consumed by these adults. It was sad indeed to see the prospective successor to the nation is slowly fed with the things that can damage the morale of their own, can not say much other than to say that is the reality that happened today.

The Internet is a medium that was capable of affecting the lives of many people in the world, including my own of course. A variety of free flying information forces us to jelly and carefully so that we can capture something useful and not misleading. Many positive cases occur because of the Internet, but also many bad cases happened because somebody either capture the information that a bad influence, such as pornographic content, for example.

So what hubunganya Internet with changes in culture and morality. I see many things around me that if we explore it further turns out is the influence of technological developments including the Internet. I often see two or even more are in a WIFI area (HotSpot), which is one busy with his BlackBerry and others with their Netbook, and what they do is access the Web site or Instant Messenger. This makes them a far as to feel close, and people who were at his side in a separate room as wide and deep chasm.
If we look at 4 or 10 years ago of course it is not we meet

From these things, obviously there has been movement since the last ten years. People would rather laugh themselves with their mobile phones instead of joking with the people beside him. People prefer enlarged exaggerated something they can do online rather than social controls on their immediate environment. Just look when the Video porn Similar artist circulating on the internet many people fuss with their comments on Twitter, the big march besaran.dan forth, but no matter when their neighbor does nasty stuff in the dorm room next door (not all of them, usually occur in urban areas).
The fact is that so many of us see the cafe-cafe as well as hotspots are mushrooming in this country. Jor-rod They offer cheap packages in attracting the visitor to want to drop into place and use the hotspots that have been provided. Indeed when we look at first glance, the proliferation of cafe-cafe as well as hotspots that as a sign that our country is growing. However, due to lack of information and education about how to use the Internet Healthy to prospective Internet users, they do not have a clear direction when exploring the world without limits. In the end even the internet is only used to play poker, facebook, online games, and others that are less useful. Especially if anyone uses it to access pornographic content that most of the wilderness adorned the internet, the more severe impacts.
Debriefing of basic faith and devotion to God Almighty to the younger generation becomes the primary key in order to minimize any negative effects from the use of Internet media is no clear direction and purpose. As part of the smallest elements of society, parents should be able to balance themselves with technological developments continue to occur every second. Minimum every parent should know and understand the basic concepts of the healthy use of the Internet media.
This is actually the most important thing is not the Internet of his. But Could we creat our own culture and morals. Can we form the Culture and Morals our children with religious education and other positive, because if morality has been formed so that's actually the best control than just Internet Filtering. If that was to be and we used to do, then the Change of Culture and Morality is a change in the Positive and useful for many people and not vice versa
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