When reading or hearing the word 'child', which we think and imagine is a child of school age kindergarten / elementary school. But what I mean here is 'child' from the perspective of parents. This means that children are generally independent of body size or age.
Knowledge about sex is interesting but complicated to explain to the child's parents, explaining how the proper way without feeling awkward or misspoke. My friend happened to get this interesting article from the Internet.
Beware, Little Overshooting!
Dr. Dian Nugraha Boyke shaking his head to hear the narrative of his patients. Call it Beautiful, 36, who was crying hysterically from Sukabumi behavior tells her daughter, Nita, 11 years old.

Together with two classmates in junior high school, Nita perform humiliating disgrace the family and school. "All of us, to give freedom to him watching anything without supervision, including on the Internet," said Beau uncontrollably. Burst into tears when she heard her daughter recognition mimic sex scenes in the movie Sex in the City with my class.

According Boyke, Nita cases not how. There are other patients who complained about her daughter's new 7-year-old while chatting with their peers deft called foreplay, petting, making love, and the like.

Couples Clinic owner in Tebet number is also mentioned another story: a young woman who was 12 years old teasing his friend because it has not been going out and kissing. Out of curiosity, the teenager to find out on the Internet. Interested in practicing, he asked for and paid the driver his home.

"Not just a kiss, the driver depraved that just invites more hot stage, namely sex. As a result, little cravings, excessive, to pregnant and made an uproar all (family members)," says sex expert is sad.

A series of stories is not an illusion, but the events of an increasingly close and frequent. Now the young was very savvy and know the sex exceeds his parents. "This is not sex education, but knowledge about sex is excessive and fatal," said the doctor was white with a tone of exasperation.

Three years ago she only serves adult patients complain about their problems. But now, the couples who came to "vent" about a series of bizarre stories about sex baby. Boyke recognize the ability of today's children, called the era generation of platinum, so quick and easy to absorb knowledge and technology.

As a result, do not be surprised if the kid is already good smell kencur surfing into adult sites. "The most important, provide sex education for children should need assistance," Boyke notice.

In line with Boyke, Elly Risma, Chairman of the Foundation and the Baby We are actively providing reproductive health education for school children, mention the importance of assistance from parents, teachers, and the environment. "They have to follow the development or to update the latest information about sexology so do not miss his knowledge," he said.

Alzena Masykouri, exceptional faculty at the School of Psychology, University of Paramadina, Jakarta, said the family is first and foremost a fence for the growth and development of children within and outside the home.

You just know that your child get sex education in public schools and
You want to give them the Islamic perspective on sex.
Or your kids start asking "where do babies come from".
But you can not answer because of embarrassment. Imagine! If the father or mother, who was in Cairo
or Karachi, heard about this they'd be stunned and questioning skills
You become a parent!
Some tips that can help you talk to your kids about the word "s"
Tip # 1: Start Early
Ideally, sex education is not given to children as a response to a question
them. Instead, sex education is given from the beginning indirectly.
This means the child must have a strong sense of identity and an understanding
the values he had.
"Parents need to sit down and explain their values to their children.
And it needs to start young children, before
affect their communities, "says Marilyn Morris, a Christian, who
is president and founder of Aim for Success. The organization promotes
abstinence from sex through and presentations to students in grades six
until high school. The group is one of the education provider
America's largest providers of abstinence.
Merilyn also said it is important to explain to children why you are holding
these values. For example, why you do not approve of sex outside
marriage, whether for reasons of religion and / or health.
Talking About Sex To Children
Tip # 2: Provide Sex Education
In accordance with the Age Children
Start to teach different topics at the right age is also important.
For example, an eight-year-old child may see that
her mother does not pray for a few days a month and ask why. When
this point, it can simply be that the time God allowed
women from praying. At the age of 12 or 13 years, parents
to introduce the topic of menstruation, and at that point, he
able to make the connection.
Another way to introduce the topic of sex is when a child is reading
Al-Qur'an. When children read the verses about sexual intercourse, menstruation, or homosexual
as an example, this can be explained with the truth.
Sex can also be discussed in the context of cleanliness in Islam at a certain age.
For example, when a child aged six or seven years, he must know how to clean up
himself after using the toilet.
Then at about eleven or twelve years, the problem of Ghusl can be raised
and when necessary (eg after sexual intercourse, after menstruation, etc..)
Parents also should go to her children as individuals, not gather all
in explaining various topics related to child age-appropriate sex.
Some of the topics to be discussed include humility, courtesy, attitude and behavior.
But these things should not be presented as a number of rules to be followed.
Rather, the underlying virtue, for example, according to the Islamic dress code and
did not look at the opposite sex for too long, needs to be explained with reason / virtue of the underlying.
Tip # 3: Creating a Better Parent
Good Relationships with Children
Proper sexual education can only be given if the correct message conveyed by
parents openly and implicitly.
There should be openness, rather than rigid and dogmatic atmosphere at home.
"I talked about a loving relationship between the parents at home," said
Khadija Haffajee, a Muslim activist and former teacher from the Ottawa-Carleton
Canada. He has spent about 30 years working in the education system
school. "That there was love between the parents, there's affection. They (the children)
can see this, how they talk to each other, the respect
that there is. "
Tip # 4: Be an example goes hand
This is in line to become 'role models' (eg roles), which is the best way to
teach and convey values to children.
This means that children not only need to know about male-female relationships
healthy when they see their parents, but parents also do not engage in activities that
lowered their view of sexuality.
For example, "to be careful in watching television shows or movies what
that they should watch, "says Morris is very important" because it is
bad influence on us all. And if our children see us do it,
why they should not do it too? "
It also means providing an example in all aspects of life by keeping
The same rules that you want them to obey. For example, if you are late, please call
children and tell them, show the same respect as you
expect from them, thus described by Morris.
Tip # 5: Meet with others
Which Have the Same Values
Children not only need to look at the application of Islamic values at home. They
also must experience when dealing with other children and families
the religion of Islam, says Haffajee.
They must see that family life in Islam is not just something
practiced in their homes, but also practiced by others.
This makes the child feel more "normal", where he may have friends or school
acquaintances who have homosexual parents (two mothers or two fathers), parents who are having sex outside marriage
The rapid knowledge of their sex, especially the impact of technological progress which is close to the generation of platinum, need to be wary of. "Parents do not" clueless about computers ". It should be offset (the child). Should assist (them) and filter information for children not one step," he said.

Alzena reminded, of the psychological side, the child should be able to absorb and sort out which information is correct and not correct him. For moral, do not let the child be too late to think freely adopt the Western world's information.

Safety Tips

Dr Boyke Nugraha tip for baby's safe to understand about sex.

- Complete yourself with the latest knowledge.

- Do not forget to study the problem of anatomy, physiology, biology, morality, and ethics.

- Do not blame technology advances. Instill moral values and accompanied when they access the Internet.

- Give the limitations about the use of technology, such as accessing the Internet just for homework.

- Place the computer in the living room and not in private rooms.

- Be careful to give a cell phone.

- Frequently discuss and take advantage of the moment to give sex education in accordance with the age, abilities, and ways of thinking.

- Instill a sense of responsibility on the little guy. Give the understanding that every action, including about sex, there is always a risk and who should be assuming responsibility.

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