Forbidding Bringing Hp to the school means that if violated would MOBILE PHONE detained in BP for 1 full week and can be taken ONLY BY PARENTS PUPILS without representation.
All teachers / employees of any teacher if they see students were mercilessly MOBILE PHONE ria will be confiscated, BP is recorded and submitted for processing.
Thus the latest information, sorry to say wrote this is not encouraging news, especially for active student who is really running the positive activities such as selling via the MOBILE PHONE pulses, internet marketing and others who really positive. It all had to get impact.

So once again use the technology, it functions as appropriate, not excessive, nor craze, modest. Well it might as well just to remind you guys FACEBOOK FRIENDSTER or gandrungi today could have been banned from school because there are symptoms that are similar to MOBILE PHONE, we are waiting how polite you are using the technology and what to do!
MOBILE PHONE's certainly not only a prohibited concretely yes, also MP3, MP4, iPhone, Wallman.
Other schools that apply in the blog!
Mobile Classroom

MOBILE PHONE has become a very common device carried by our students. Many schools prohibit students bringing MOBILE PHONE to school because they disrupt the learning process. Some schools are diligently doing raids MOBILE PHONE to his students. However, not everyone likes this rule. Parents want them to contact her before class or after class was over. Students need to contact their parents or use an alarm schedule to remind him of extracurricular activities. Some school staff may need it if an emergency occurs so that students can contact their families, or even the police, more quickly.

Despite many objections, does not mean that the MOBILE PHONE students in the school's dilemma problem subsided. Impaired because MOBILE PHONE can increase especially with the development of technology that enriches the possibilities utilization mode. MOBILE PHONE currently iini allows users to do more than some time ago. Students can use their phones to write and send messages, take and send digital photos, and even take and send short digital video clips, other than using it to make calls. Almost all of these may be the use of an inappropriate or undesirable in the classroom.
For this reason, many schools, especially secondary level, which allows students to bring MOBILE PHONE to school but prohibits their use during class hours? except in case of emergency. Unfortunately, this rule is often violated because students can easily hide the device using an MOBILE PHONE that increasingly more compact and tiny accessories, and wireless.
The problems often faced by teachers in classroom related to MOBILE PHONE, among others:
• Sending text messages during lessons
• Send or receive answers to exam questions (remember the case of UNAS)
• Violence and harassment through text messages that are not desirable
• Capture and share digital photos and video as inappropriate inter-student
Some may question whether schools should take a strict policy to create a safer school environment, or just leave and ignore the behavior is not commendable.
Institutionalizing school rules to combat abuse of MOBILE PHONE
If schools do not have clear rules about the use of MOBILE PHONE, so the teachers can implement some of the following:
• If found MOBILE PHONE's active when the exam took place, then the student will receive a reduction in the value of a number of specific points (for example, only 20%). Ingatka earlier that students must turn off the MOBILE PHONE before the exam and sanctions applied if there is a violation.
• If it is found using the MOBILE PHONE at the time of the lesson, the students receive a reduced value on participation points in class. Make the deduction appropriately severe to be a deterrent.
• Instruct the students to label the name of the MOBILE PHONE hers and put it in a place before the lesson begins. Restore MOBILE PHONE to them after class.
MOBILE PHONE to learning in the classroom
There are ideas that may be quite wise, but full of challenges regarding the use of MOBILE PHONE by the students. Instead of banning students use MOBILE PHONE actually using these devices in an integrated way to learning. Here are some of functions that can be used in learning:
• Calculator. For the lessons that do not require students to perform calculations outside the head but a lot of fiddling with numbers, then the MOBILE PHONE devices can be appropriate for that purpose.
• digital camera. Not all schools have a digital camera that can be used ririskiky sufficient for classroom activities. In this case the student can use his cell phone to document the various things to make presentations or multimedia reports. Travel and fieldtrip activities can be recorded and made digital travelog.
• Internet Access. Many MOBILE PHONE that features wireless Internet access, thus opening the possibility of the use of Internet in the classroom. Science lessons to perform field activities and send the results of observations or data into the data collection sites internal or external. Students cans you subscribe to podcasts That Produce or Offered by a multitude of other sources.
• Dictionary. In language classes or art students can take advantage of the definition of a concept search quickly using the dictionary installed on MOBILE PHONE. In addition, students learning English yag can utilize translator dictionary program that can be installed in MOBILE PHONE.
• Voice recorder. Students can record the teacher's voice when delivering a lesson to be heard again at home. This method can increase the acceptance of students will be material presented in class.
The phone seems to have become our primary needs and not the exception all students in big cities. So, do not be surprised if all the male and female students in one school has been using the phone.
But the mobile phone technology often upsetting the teachers at school, so many schools make the ban on using mobile phones during the learning process at school.
Some schools in the United States has imposed this. Among them is a famous school in the United States. Amerillo Independent School District (AISD), which applies strict rules for students caught using mobile phones. In addition to confiscate, to get back to his cell phone students have to pay U $ D 15 or Rp. 150,000.
Well, almost the same as it rules in SMAN 1 Benai. Emang ngak hurt obey this rule. Our school became almost equal to AISD. So keep this rule, should not be violated.

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