Valentine's Day celebrations still raises controversy in several countries, including Indonesia. A party with a firm considers a good Valentine's Day is celebrated with meaning casing dear.
Opponents call it a part of Western culture, which did not fit with the traditional oriental.
From among the religions, especially Islam, there are also a similar reaction. Most calls do not fit celebrated Valentine's Muslims, because of its historical background that is closer to Christian culture. Even Muslims who do not agree calling the celebration of Valentine's Day as a heresy, because there is no legal basis in Islamic law.
In fact, there were some Christian circles that did not agree with the celebration of Valentine. They assess the celebration was not a religious rite, but the activity which refers to the tradition of idolatry before the Christian era. That so referrals they are Pre-Christian tradition in the Roman worship of two idols: Nimrod and the Lupercalia.
The controversy that still continues, even now. But, should we get stuck on something that kontoversial debate? "The warning whatsoever, it is best to capture the essence or message of the warning itself. We seem to prefer to see something of the aspect seremonialnya without capturing the essence of existing. If that's done, surely there is clash of cultures that gave birth to the controversy which had no beneficial. That also applies to Valentine, "said Drs H Mohammad Adnan MA.
There is and whether or not the controversy, in fact many are very confident to celebrate. In fact, some are considered "mandatory" is celebrated. "What's wrong with celebrating if it can be more tied feelings with our partner," said Venny, 22-year-old girl.
He himself did not specifically make the show with his girlfriend for Valentine's Day celebration this year. "Most go together. But definitely, we'll give each other presents. It became our tradition, anyway, "he said kenes.
For that reason also, the sweet girl ignored the assumption that calls itself simply "follow-follow" how young the West. "Let it be considered so".
Valentine consumerism
What is certain also, beyond controversy, the celebration of Valentine's Day inevitably move as a promising industry segment. Activities on the day's special gift that is certain to stimulate the industry to provide a variety of trinkets.
Where to go to the supermarket or to a special store gift (gift knacks) before 14 February, you will see a variety of goods offered. The symbol "heart" into something that is dominant on all the objects displayed.
Call it a special gift outlets at Ciputra Mall. Various trinkets landmark Valentine's Day gala at the booth displayed Pipiland, Kid's Parcel, and Hallmark. Pillows, glassware, frames, and various other objects controlled by a picture or a heart shape. In fact, each booth specially made parcel in large or small size, still with a heart symbol.
"In particular, we did make a typical Valentine's parcel. Pillows and photo frames the most demanding, "said Nadia, a saleswoman at Pipiland.
Perhaps, it gives evidence that the celebration of Valentine invites industry to stimulate consumerism, especially for young people. What economists think about it? "Valentine is now moving into a global lifestyle, the style of international consumerism. Affection which was originally a meaning, move to be part of the industrial process, "said economists from Diponegoro University, FX Sugiyanto SE.
Valentine, behind all the controversies that exist, everything is back again to the person who interpret. True love is not only measured by one-time action in a day. Genuine love expressed by diligently day after day, full of patience and commitment. And indeed love is not love if only in words, the real form of love is sacrifice and loyalty. So maybe this could be the best gift you can give your spouse in addition to all the gifts that dredge the entire contents of your pocket, a commitment to love and be loyal only to one partner.

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