Dear my fellow citizen             
Totality and wealthy of a country is not only suspended to the progress of economy and speedy citizen. Rather the safety can be enjoyed if the country always cares the society’s health within. Without high health care of government for the society is very impossible a nation will undergo a progress of all life aspects, science progress, technology, civilization and even economy.
A country will never produce the high capability human being resource if it doesn’t give established health servicing, because the progress of a nation needs very much for the credible, smart and of course Healthy human being resource, those all, surely will be achieved if the country has undergone the health progress firstly.    Like wise with Indonesia, which is one of the largest countries in the word, has speedy citizen with fertile and prosperous land. Persistence of life in Indonesia cannot be released from healthy life and environment, so that every thing becomes it’s aspiration will become true, because without healthy life and society, both spiritual and physical, it means that nation was in the sill of destruction and insult. Unhealthy country still waits for time only and finger count that will undergo decadence of life, social and even smart human being resource.
Dear participant in happiness.
The government’s care to the health of a country is not only focused for society’s health life within. But, the urgent matter to get their care is animal’s health life. Such as flora and fauna life, which mostly live in the forest. Therefore, the Governments have to give general and absolute health servicing, both for the society and all of animals kind.
Recently, our country, Indonesia was startled by epidemic of avian influenza, which has killed many victims that never last. This problem is the big duty of nurses in Indonesia to prevent and overcome it. This epidemic is very danger because this illness can infect from the bird kind, which eventually will cause death if not handled soon.
Even, wasn’t yet thorough overcoming the avian influenza epidemic, all of nurses in our country are confused again by polio epidemic, which usually attacks children under five years old. This polio epidemic must get the extra care from Government, such as organizing free immunization program and also it needs the societies’ and Governments’ awareness about the dangerous of this. Because if it’s not treated soon, this illness will cause physical defect to the part of children physical underage till come to age later. Therefore the Government has to incite this immunization program and always give awareness for society also motivate them to bring their children to the nearest hospital for getting intensive treatment.

Dear brothers and sisters

Something mustn’t be ignored again is the side community life, that majority their economic is vary law. The law economic level is very susceptible to unhealthy life because of limited economy for getting established medicinal treatment. Besides, the side community usually get difficulty of means of transportation and communication, because there is nothing the way which connects with in. so that is very difficult for nurses for entering and giving them the health servicing. Therefore the Governments have to seek the best solution for overcoming this problem such as building Posyandu, Local Government clinic and other emergency hospital.
We have to know that the healthy Indonesian life, the healthy society and also the healthy environment are the homework for nurse in this country. Those all can be achieved from their active role of handling it. Therefore, all of nurses in Indonesia have to intensify their programs, such as farming up relation each other and giving healthy awareness for the society. They have to unite each other firmly in implementing each duties and organizing training about the society’s health nursing, more over for the next up days cadre, also demanding government’s care about the importance of society’s health for the sake of achieving the healthy Indonesian future, and free from several illnesses and other epidemics at 2010 period later.
The unity of nurses is very important and support very much to achieve the healthy Indonesian citizen. We can copy from the fifth pillar of Pancasila namely” the unity of Indosian citizen” and also the classic aphorism said” united we stand separated we fall

Dear brothers and sisters

That’s all for the time being. It is hoped that you have understood my speech well. May Allah Almighty continue to cover this blessed meeting with his Marcy and protection and make easy for all nurses in our country to implement their duties and to solve all health problems in this beloved Indonesian. If you find mistakes I apologize, thank you very much for your attention, the last I say

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