Dear friends…..
Night I can’t sleep
Daytime I can’t work anything
I don’t know what happen
Whit me
When I occult to
your face it makes me
Be crazy to anything
And I can’t aware about it
Your shadow and your shadow
Only which is my thought?
I can’t throw it
Although only one second
Just because of you
All teachers….
I hope you understand with my
Feeling during we gather
I know that you made my heart happy
Giving a description to get ambition
For losing stupid ness
I hope you’re not bored
To manage me during we gather

Dear friends……
        Of course, in friendship would come
       A strength feeling
       I hope please understand about
       my feeling During we study together  
       I apologize of my mistake
Forgive me
No word, which I can say
My heart is revolt
I want to run where my heart likes
But I can't do it
Oh my teacher………
You are my soul
For give me of making mistakes
Give me opportunity to apologize to you
Cause I am not perfect
Oh my teacher………
Cool Snow I feel hot if you don't forgive me
For give me ……
But, don't for get me
Master-X of "DA RA" idol 
All friends….
God always accompanies you
God…. Do U See Me, Why?
Do Not U Believe Me Any More?
Coz I Always Do Something Bad?
I am Sure, That U Always Accompany Me
And Always Keep Me Any Where N' Every Time
I am Sad If U Think So.
I Don't Know How to Make U Believe Me
But, I Often Hope Your Help and Your Blessing
To Help Me In This Life.
To meet friends after this time

We're smiling together
Since then I loved you
We're crying together
Since then I loved you
We're joking together
Since then I loved you
We're divisible together
Since then I loved you
But ..Now …
I don't know
 when then we will meet again
to study together
To laugh together
To smile together
To joke together
And to cry together
Before separating
From this EEC our lovely place
Let’s pray to be friend forever
May be this day
Will be just in memory in tomorrow
in memorial friendship

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