Let's Practice

A : Good morning
B : Hi Iwan . Good morning
A : What are you doing?
B : I'm wating at a list of indonisian expresion
C : good morning. Hei what are you boy s doing ?
A &B : good morning. Why are you very untidy?
C : I' ve just got up....  you see I never get up early
On Sunday
D : good morning children. Breakfast is ready.
A : wher's father, mom?
D : He's in the gerden, watering some plants.
B : Let's help him,
A : You haven't finished your list yet,
B : Please  write it down here,
C : ok... lain kali, means some other time.
B : Good morning !
E : Pater, you up.
B : I 'd like to help you ....what can I do?
E : Well, put these small twigs in the  holes I've dug
A : Father, can I water the trees here?
E : Please do, where's your nother?
A : She's preparing some tea for us.

A : let's sit here. It's cool here.
B : And it's quiet too.
C : We can go to the pond over there.
A : When you 've finished eating.
D : Oh it's hot today.
C : it's not very hot us.
A : You will get used to it, pater.
D : Sure, sooner or later, I will,
C : Can I get a glass, please?
A : Here you are.
C : Thanks. Mo, pour me some tea please.
E : You behave like a small boy.
D : Hm ....the cake is good.
A : Thank you. Here some more, pater.
B : Where are the apples?
A : They are here in this basket.
B : Can I have one please?
E : Here you are, father.
B : Let's sing a song after we've finished eating and dringking.
A : Help me with the dishes, first.
Introducing People
A : James, this is Iwan. I stay with his famely.
B : Hi, Nice to meet you Iwan
C : Nice to meet you too, james.
B : Do you go to the same scholl as pater?
C : Yes, Pater goes to my school.
A : I leanr a new indonisiann word.
B :What's that?
A : It's " terlalu" meaning " too" or" excesive.
B : And I've got this one " keriting". It means " curly" .
C : How do you find studying in indonisia?
B : We have to adjust our selves. We like the difference.
A : You are very friedly people.
B : I also have to wear a unifirm.
A : Yes. We do here.
A : Look, Mary  and bill are coming.
D : Hi, How are you?
A : Bill, this is Iwan.
D : How do you do?

C : how do you do?
D : hi, how are you?
A : nice to see you iwan.
F : I am jane, nice to meet you iwan.
C : nice too see you everybody.
School Begans
A : everyone's waching you.
B : yes I notice that.
A : How do you feel?
B : very uncomfortable.
A : you'll meet and make freand soon.
B : I don't speak bahasa indonisia, that's the problem.
A : yes you do.
B : they don't understand me.
A : don't worry, you'll leanr fast.
B : we are going to sit together, aren't we?
A : You'll have to sit near the teacher.
B : and you?  
A : I'll sit at the back with other boys.
B : you'll leave me alone?
A : so that you can meet new frea nds and practise your bahasa indonisia.
B : I undrstand .
A : tomo this is pater, the new student from england
B : hi tomo, nice to see you.
C : nice to see you pater, you're a member of our class. Walcome to class II A
A : tomo is the captain of the class, pater.
B : I'll need your help later.

Iwan's Birtday
A : Blow the candles, iwan
B : Blow them up at  once.
A : Fourteen candles at once!
A : Wait a minute, let me take a picture of it.
D : You will a big boy soon.
E : Puh ....(blowing the candles).
F : Hurrah....many happy days retunr !
C : this is a present from me. Open it.
D : Thanks ....it's adictionary! Thank, pater.
A : and this is from me.
E : ( opening the parcel) it's a camera. I have yearned for it for years.
D : this is from me.
E : it's heavy .... it's a pair of new shose!
Thanks anny, they must have cost you alot.
D : for my beloved brother .
C : and we are waiting for the last parcel .
B : it's  for you, dear son.
E : I can't wait to see what's inside. A new shirt ....
Thanks, mother.
D : Let's cut the cake,Iwan.
E : One for mother. This one's for father.
C : Give me a big one. I'm always hungry.
E : This one is for you.

An Invitation
A : What is that on the table, deat?
B : We received from my sister, Tati
A : What's the occasion ?
B : Ina, her oldest child, is going to get married.
C : Who's going to get married, mother?
B : your cousin, Ina. She has finished her study.
D : Who's the lucky man?
B : I heard he's her long time sweetheart.
A : The wedding is on the twelfthز
B: It's on Sunday, isn't it?
A: do you know how many people are  invited?
B : I don't know. I haven't met them.
C: Mother, Can I help aunt Tati around?
B: Yes dear, we can go to the family's home
Friday evening.
E : Can I go with you?
C : What for? You can't peel the potatoes.
A : Maybe he wants to know something there.
D : Let him help around in the kitchen.
E : I will. I can carry the food and drink .
D : we'll meet a lot of people at the reception.
B : Yes we'll , they will ask you to help them gather the members of our clan.
D : I'll do it with pleasure.
Going Dancing
A : nice evening, isn't?
B : yes, you're right.
A : let's go somewhere eciting.
B : have you over been to a discotique?
A : yes, once, but I did not realy enjoy it.
B : I'll show you a nice place.
A : Father would not let us go.
B : He would it asked.
A : let's ask him, then.
D : Mr. Kander, can we spend the night out?
C : we'll, where are you going?
B : We going to dancing.
C : Have you both finished your homework?
A : We don't talk about homework on Saturday,
C : Remember. You must be home before midnight.
A : We promise you. Father.
B : We won't be late, Mr. Kander
A : Can we use the cur?
C : No. You can't you're too young to drivc your self.
B : We can use public transportation.
C : Don't tell anny about it. You can go.
A : Give me some pocket then, father
C : You're going to have fun. And I have to pay for it.                            Making a Cake
A : Anny, come here.
B : Just a minute, mom. Let me finish this.
A ; What are you going?
B ; I am in the middle of writing a latter.
A ; What letter?
B : A love letter (ginggling)
A : Oh. Dear, you're a big girl now. Who is the lucky many?
B ; no, i was just teasing you.
A ; Well, you are a naughty little girl.( tow minutes later)
B : Well here I am. What can I do for you?
A : Please get me some eggs.
B : Why are you doing this?
A : Tomorrow is your father's birtday.
B : I almost forget it.
A : let's make him a big birtday cake.
B : Here are the eggs.
A : Now, you mix them with the flour.
B : Why are they boys always free?
A : Don't be jealous. Dear.
B : I am not jealous mother , I just want to say that I help you a lot while Iwan and pater can play outside.
A : You'll learn later that you'r not wasting your time. You're preparing your self to be a good wife.
Planinng a Tree
A : I know, but I stil;l want to see them grow .
C : Another tree, Mr. Kander?
B : Yes. Pater. This tree will grow big and beautiful.
A : he only want s to see the roots grow on the brenches.
B : but iwan you will enjoy the beauty.
A : I want to plant something useful.
B : well, I gues you can grow your own tree.
A : I will grow some bananas.
B : you can plant them there, in the comer.
A : I an going to get some to be transplanted.
B : well, just do it, young man.
A Hot Day
A : what are you doing, pater?
B : Iam tryinfg tp relax. It's very hot today.
A : Yes, it's true. I feel like going somewhere cool.
C : Hi boys. Do you want to join going for a swim.
B : that's exactly what I was thinking of.
C : Today we have to do something in the water.
A : Swming is the abswer.
B : Where are we going to?
C : Let's go to cilandak sport centre.
A :tha's a nice place for relaxation.
B : What time are we coming back?
C : in the afternoon, about three.
A : do you have anything special to do?
C : I have a lot of homework from school.
A : I'll help you with it.
C : well. Get your swimmming suite, boys.
B : All rigth I think homework can wait.
A : I'll bring something to eat there.
C : You  dan't have to, we can buy something there.
B : Can I get something on the way home?
I want to buy some writing books.
C : Of  course you can. ( five minutes later)
C : offwe go now.
A Rainy Day
B : Iwan what are you doing there?
A : Waching the raindrops falling on the ground.
B : You're a dreany boy.
A : I Enjoy this.S
B : It's quite boring to stay at home.
A : What else can we do? It's raining heavity.
B : Let's  do something.
C : ( standing by the door). Hi boys, what are you  both doing here?
B : we are doing nothing.
C : Do you want to help me with my homework?
B : I don't think I am interested in homewor.
A : Besidees, you have to do it yourself, Anny.   
B : You. Boys, never help people.
A : I help you a lot, but you have to learn some thing
B : Cut it out, you two
A : let's play chess. Pater
B : Yes, let's. It's a good way to kill the time.
A : You beat me the other day.
B : And I am going to beat you again now.
A : No, you aren't it's my turn to win.

Playing With Kites
B : who has seen the wind ? blow, my friend the wind, blow.
A : Pater, who are you talking to?
B : Myself, I recitred that nursery rhym.
A : Should we go out and play with the kites?
B : is it windy outside?
A: it's quite windy.
B : Have you added  a tail to your kitte?
A : Yes I have. Idid it yesterday.
B : Let's  see if we can have our kites up in the sky
A : I decorated the kite beautifully.
B : What did you decorate it with?
A : With a picture of a giant
B : It sounds frightening.
A : you'll see it, let's go now.
B : Please wait. I have to finish this.
A : The field by the lake is a nice place for kites .
B : Don't forget to bring some books to read.
A : All right let's go. ( in the field).
A : how high, do you think, our kites are?
B : yours is probebly 100 meters high.
A : and  yours?
B : About the same. They  look like dragones.
A : Yes they do, with the tails always moving in
Doing Homework
A : Pater, are you busy?
B : Not realy.
A : Can you help me with my homework?
B : What kind of homework is that?
A : Englis, of course.
B : What should I do for you?
A : Please write a story about the childhood for me
B : you have to do it yourself.
A : It's very difficult for me.
B : But you surely can do it.
A : it takes just to start it.
B : well, you just need to go on.
A : Please, pater, writing is hard for me.
B : not, if you realy try.
A : will you or won't you help me?
B : I'll help you, but not to write it for you?
A : you don't seem to like my having good grades.
B : of course I do.
A : Why do you refuseto do it?
B :little lady,you should do it. When you have problems, you can ask me,
A : all right I'll come back when I need you.
B : Anytime.

A New Friend
A : Rolan, this is nina. She is a new student.
C : how do you do ?
B : How do you do?
A : nina is also a new member in the study group.
B : welcome to our noisy gang.
C : thanks.
B : where do you come from, nina?
C : I come from semarang, Central java.
B : Oh I see.
A : nina need your help with the homework.
B : it must be English
C : yes, that's right. Wikk you  help me?
B : my pleasure, when did you came to jakarta?
C : my family moved here last week.
B : how do you like it here?
C : well, jakarta is certainly a much bigginer city then semarang and there are a lot of things to see.
A : do you like the boys here, nina?
C : Iwan you are so unprredictable. Of course I like you all.
B : Where do you live here injakarta?
C : I live in cilandak timur .
B : we can come around, than.
C : Surly, anytime
A Family Visit
A :Look, uncle Udin and aunt entin are at the gate.
B : I'll open it for them.... uncle Udin.
C : Iwan thank you. Where is evening?
B : we are all at home.
D ; Hallo iwan, Nice to meet you agai.
B : Great to see you again aunty.
A : Hallo, we've been expecting you both.
E : You look tired after the long trip.
A : Come  on in.
C : The house looks diffferent.
F : ( Coming from her room). Aunt and uncle. How are you?
D : we are fine, Dear. You are a beautiful girl now.
F : are you bringing the rabbits  I want?
A : Anny, you're very inconsiderate. Rabbits are dificult to handle.
E : What time did you leave the village?
C : Early in the morning.
D : we had to change buses on the way.
B : Aunt and uncle, this is pater. He is from England
G : How do you do uncle.....er....
C : I don't speak English very well.
G : I don't speak indonesian well either.
E : Relax, firs, brother. How is evening?
C : Fine, we a good harvest this year.
E : I am glad to hear that.
Telling Time
A : Iwan, what time is it now?
B : It's seven thirty.
A : and what time is the movie on?
B : at eight. Where is pater?
A : He's in his room, doing hs homework.
B : What time is he going to the party?
A : I don't know. Ask him yourself.
C : Anny, are you going with me?
A : where to, mother?
C : to the wijdoyo.
A : What's the occasion?
C : Come on Anny, it's getting late.
A : what time should you be there?
C : at a quater to eight. There's a women's meeting there.
A : I'll get dressed. Can I watch TV there?
C : Of course you can. Hurry up dear. (five minutes later)
C : Iwan, you and pater stay at home
B : Where are you both going?
C : We're going to a women's meeting at the widjoyo.
B : When are you coming back?
C : At about 09.00 O'clock. Tell your father to pick us up when he gets home.
B : I will, have a good time.
C : You too. Dear.
The New Car
A : look! Who is coming?
B : who do you mean?
A : that man in the silver car
B : let me have a look (walking toward the gate). Father, whose car are you driving?
C : (smiling) whose car do you think it is?
B : I don't know.
C : (driving toward the house) nice car, isn’t it?
B : yes, surely. When can we have a car like this?
C : when? Now, it's ours car.
B : are you serious, father?
C : of course I am.
B : mother, we've got a new car!
A : are you joking?
C : no, he is not. I sold the old car and bought a new one.
B : hura….. we've got it at last.
D : what a nice car!
B : when can I learn to drive, father?
C : wait till you finish you school
A : you have to be careful with the car, dear
C : we are taking a trip to Puncak this weekend now you wash the car, Iwan.
B : me again
A Trip to Puncak
A : can you feel the difference now, Peter?
B : yes, we going up and up.
C : we are going too fast.
D : this is a new car.
E : it doesn’t mean we have to be fast.
E : slow-down, please, father.
D : all right dear.
B : look at the mountain
A : it's a beautiful morning, isn't it?
C : can you just be quiet children?
A : mother, you don't understand
E : we are enjoying this trip
A : and the new car
B : Mr. Kandar, where are we going to?
D : to Puncak Pass first, later we'll go to the Safari Garden in Cisarua.
A : great! We are going to see lots of animals
C : you'll have to stay inside the car
A : I know
B : you see a large tea plantation here
D : the Dutch started the business
A : can we stop and join the ladies
C : picking leaves?
B : yes, I want to do it
C : you don't have to, Peter
B : here we are at the top of the hill at last
Mount Salak
A : the mountain looks beautiful from here.
B : Someday, we'll be up there.
A : August is the best time for climbing.
B : Why do people call it mount salak?
A : I don't know
B : Salak is the name of that strange fruit, right?
A : I don't think so. Begor is never famous for its salak
B : there is a very deep crater.
A : It even looks like a ravine to me.
B : How high is this mountain?
A : I don't know.
B : We can see this mountain from Jakarta.
A : Yes, we can. Specially in the morning when the weather is fine.
B : Is the mountain volcanic?
A : No. it's not.
B : The clouds are accumulating.
A : Remember, it rains almost every afternoon in Bogor .
B : Can we buy some fruit now?
A : Not now, we can buy fruit in front of the station.
Night in Bogor
B : Have you taken a shower, iwan?
A : not yet.
B : the water is cold.
A : no it's not.
B : yes it is. I can hardly stand it.
A : I'll eat a lot firs, then I can take a shower.
B : it's just right for me.
A : yes, for you, not for me.
C : Are we ready to go?
B : No. Iwan hasn't taken a shower.
C : You'd better hurry up, iwan
A : I'll eat firs.
C : you don't have to. We are going to have dinner at a restaurant .
A : All righ, give me fifteen minutes.
C : Where's your mother?
B : Mom and pater are going out. They said they would buy some soap.
C : Why? We have some soap in the car.
B : Mother did not know that.
C : where are they going? Do you know?
B : I think they are just going to the corner of the street. They will be back soon.
C : When they come back and Iwan is ready, we can leave.
A Trip on Delman
A : it's a strange experience.
B : Haven't you tried to ride on adelman?
C : yes, he has . he loved dalmans when she was a small girl .
D : I remember the days of the delmans.
E : It's difficult to see a delman in Jakarta today.
A : Where are they now?
E : They have disappeared.
C : They  are replaced by cars.
B : A delman can't run fast.
A : But it doesn’t cause pollution.
C : we have to go fast today.
C : I remember my childhood. We want to school on a delman. Remember, my father had a delman.
A : Did grandtfa drive the delman?
B: your grandfather was a farmer. You told me that.
D : That's my grandfa on my father's said.
C : My father was the richest farmer in the village
D : Uncle Dikin is also a rich farmer ,
B : Yes he is. He has ( had) a lot of animals and poultry.
A : They horse is ( was) very strong.
F : ding dong …ding dong ……
G : ( neighing). Hich eh…eh….hichehehe.
A : He gave us a loud laugh.
feeling Homesick
B : ( looking out of the window ) yes come in.
A : Pater, you don't look very happy.
B : Oh, how do I look then?
A : you look different today.
B : I miss my parent.
A : you don't like to be here, do you?
B : I am not saying that, you're all friendly people.
A : Why do you still miss your family.
B : iwan, you don't understand. My parents are separated half a world a way from me.
A : Why did you leave them?
B : Because I wanted to learn something.
A : You mean how someone gets laonely?
B : not realy, when you're away from home..
A : I'll be free….
B : You'll feel the same way I do now.
A : Don't be silly, pater.
B : later, when you leave for a long time you'll miss your family.
A : there are many people around, aren't there?
B : Even your clouse friend can't take the place of the family.
A : I think you need to write to them more often.
B : I got a letter from my mother. She misses me.
Durian in Season
A : Have you even eaten this kind of the fruit, pater?
B : Yes I have, it tasted strange at first.
C : you could not stand the small, pater.
D : Yes I remember. But then you wanted more.
D : Durian are very delicious.
C : you will always grave for it.
C : There's true . I always want to eat Durian.
B : But not all durians taste good.
C : When they are ripe they really taste good.
D : do you want to eat it here or at home?
C : at home.
D : We'll have to buy some and bring them home.
B : We can eat some here.
C : that's right, when we get home we eat again.
D : You are greedy Iwan.
B : I'll buy some for my friend. The y should try some.
D : They'll surely like it.
D : Mother will be able to make a durian cake.
B : that sounds like a good idea.
C : I can eat a lot durians.
B : be careful ' you'll get sick.
D : not when he enjoys the foud.
Feeling in Love
A : Iwan, you have been very quiet these days.
B : I don't know I don't feel like talking to anymore.
A : Why do you look so sad?
B : Idon't know. How was your day at school?
A : Quiet busy. In fact I had to help the other students during the English lesson.
B : Is there any homework?
A : No. But we'll meet at nina's house this afternoon.
B : Tell me who will be there.
A : All the boys in our group. Why don't you go?
B : Is danto going to be there, too?
A : Of  course.he and nina planned the meeting. Why are you asking?
B : I just want to know.
A: don't you think nina is a nice girl?
B : I don't know.
A : you don't talk to her much now.
B : pater, I tell you this, I wrote a loves letter to her the other day. She  returned the letter to me.
And wrote a note saying. Sorry, I don't know what love really is.
A : I see . That's why you've been quiet and with-drawn
B : the next morning. I saw her talking to Danto.
They were very intimate.
A : Boy! Don't give up ! write another letter to her.
B : Are you crazy?-
A Visit in Town
A : what high buildings!
B : but those buildings are not ours.
C : of course not. Our house is small.
A : There are so many cars moving in the street.
B : we are held in a traffic jam.
D : Uncle can enjoy the view when we move slowly.
E : do you want to live in city, uncle udin?
A : I don't know what to do. I am just a farmer.
D : living in city is exciting, uncle.
B : not for your uncle. He enjoys living in the country.
C : I want to live in the country too.
A : who will cook for us all. Then?
F : me! I can cook for the whole family.
E : But you can't sew and do the washing.
B : Children, please be quiet .
D : Father  

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