Sultan Salahuddin AL-Ayyubi, his name has been carved on hearts of Muslim warriors who have the patriotic and heroic spirit, had already engraved the history of the struggle of Muslims have been able to sweep away, pulverize crusaders who represents the combined choice of the entire continent of Europe. It is said that in order to revive the spirit or the spirit of jihad among Muslims who had been sleeping soundly and have forgotten the baton that has been inherited by the Prophet Muhammad., So that sparked the idea Salahuddinlah celebrated the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. Through the media, warning that the attitude was spread unyielding knights and heroism demonstrated by the "Siratun Nabawiyah". Until now, the warning became a tradition and entrenched among the Muslim community. Rarely seen world of patriotic and heroic manner joined together with humanity properties such as those found in the great fighters. Sense of responsibility towards the religion (Islam) and prove he has devoted in the face of the army incursion into the holy land of Palestine for twenty years, and eventually with persistence, efficacy and its ability to repel European army under the leadership of Richard Lionheart of England. Let the mind, that the Crusades were wars of the most long and full of cruelty and savagery of violent in human history, have claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, where the typhoon unthinking bigotry of Christian Europe in the passionate stormed into the West Asia region are Islamic. A Western writer says, 'Crusade is one of the most insane part of history in the history of humanity. Muslims attacked Christians in a wavy expedition for nearly three hundred years, and finally thanks to the persistence of Muslims they have failed, resulting in fatigue and despair. All of Europe often run out of people, resources, funding and social bankruptcy, if not total destruction. Millions of men who died in the battlefield, while the danger of starvation, disease and all forms of evil that can be imagined as a stain raging embedded in advance crusader. World Western Christians when it was stimulated in the direction sense of religious zealots who blindly by Peter the Hermit and his followers to liberate the holy land of Palestine from the hands of Muslims. "Every way and the road traveled," Hallam said that in order to arouse bigotry. As a soldier of the Cross still bears the emblem of the Cross, they are under the protection of churches and exempt from all taxes and also to sin. Peter the Hermit himself led the second assault wave consisted of forty thousand people. When they came to town Malleville their first assault wave to redeem defeat by destroying the city, killing seven thousand innocent people, and lust with all sorts of unbridled cruelty. Human gangs calling themselves fanatic crusader's alter soil of Hungary and Bulgaria into desolate areas. "When they had reached Asia Minor, they engage in crimes of savagery and ferocity, which made the universe tremble," writes the French author Michaud. The third wave of the crusader invasion oeh led a German monk, according to Gibbon author of the European community waste in the lowest and most stupid. Mixed with bigotry and stupidity that they are given permission to conduct the robbery, adultery and drunkenness. They forget about Constantine and the party Darussalam in crazy ways and robbery, vandalism and murder of an ugly relic of them on every area through which they pass "said Marbaid. John Stuart Mill's famous British historian, recognized the mass killings of Muslim population was at the time of the fall of the city of Antioch. Mill writes: "Keluruhan elderly, children's helplessness and weakness of women completely ignored by zealots of the Latin army. House residence is not recognized as shelters and views of a mosque is a greedy power lust for cruelty. Pulverize Crusader city Syrian cities, kill people with cold hands, and burned up the vocabulary of art and science that is very valuable, including "Pole Khanah" (Library) Tripolis was famous. "highway full of blood flow, so that the ferocity was exhausted," said Stuart Mill. They are pretty good-looking set aside for market bondsman at Antioch. But the old and the weak were sacrificed on the stage of murder.
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